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With the Walking Man, you can choose to have your advertising material delivered only to homes or apartments, only to businesses or to any combination of the above. You can have it left on the doorstep, tied to a doorknob or delivered in its own plastic bag. You can have it delivered on weekdays, weekends or holidays. We are not constrained by zip codes or any preordained zones. Each job is customized for you, so we focus laser-like on your market.


We have been walking ads, notices, newspapers, catalogues, business cards and other promotional materials for over sixty years.


Besides the value you get by greater noticeability and pin-point targeting, having your own private postal delivery costs less on a sheer dollar basis than just about any other advertising media. And you get all this for just a small percentage of the cost of U.S. Mail.

We feel your direct advertising is important enough to be delivered by itself... not with a bunch of other ads.

"The Walking Man gives you options that fit your needs,
your budget and your target like no one else!"

>>> Serving So. California since 1948.

CaliforniaAt The Walking Man, we're obsessive about delivering exactly what your counting on us to deliver. Not only are our crews fully trained, but each crew is directed by a motorized supervisor who's only function is to see that each job is completed to specifications.

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